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Savage, Montana is unique in it's location in the fact that the day Clark passed by this area on August 2nd, 1806 it was one of the most happening days in his and his men's entire trip down the Yellowstone River 

Early moning on the 2nd brought a viewing of "Bighorn" shoop in the badlands breadks along the Yellowstone,then just a short way down stream voves were seen chasing a cow elk.  Clark writes in his journal "Saw emence numbers of Elk Buffalow and wolves today.  the wolves do catch the elk.  I saw 2 wolves in pursute of do elk which I believe they cought they very near her when She entered a Small wood in which I expect they cought her as She did not passout of the small wood during my remaining in view of it which was 15 or 20 minits."

This picture was painted by Savage artist Linda Conradson.

As they approached the now Savage townsite area from the south, at about the mouth of Smith Creek, Clark writes

 "about 8 A.M. this morning a Bear of the large vicious Species being on a Sand bar raised himself up in his hind feet and looked at us as we passed down near the middle of the river.  he plunged into the water ans Swam to-ward us, either from a disposition at attack't or from the Cent of the meat which was in the canoes.  we Shot him with three balls and he retunred to Shore badliy wounded.  in the evening I saw a very large Bear take the water above us.  I ordered the boat to-land on the opposit Side with a view to attack't him when he Can=me within Shot of the Shore.  (I let swim) when the bear wqas ina fiew paces of the Shore I Shot it in the head.  the men hauled her on Shore abnd roved to be an old Shee which was so old that her tuckes had worn Smooth, and Much the largest feemale bear I ever Saw.  after taking off her Skin, I proceeded on and encamped a little above the enterance of Jo: Feilds Creek on Stard, Side in a high bottom Covered with low Ash and elm.  the Musquetors troublesom."

Savage, Montana has several businesses to provide services to travelers following the "Clark on the Yellowstone"  part of the Lewis and Clark trail and a few of which are totally unique to the area. 

The Agate Shop is home to the Montana Agate Museum and a Clark on the Yellowstone interpretive area.  Montana Agate was one of the few semiprecious gemstones that members of the Lewis and Clark expedition actually tread on in their travels. 


Elk Island Recreation Area is a good primitive, camping, boating, hunting area with a great view overlooking the Yellowstone River, and is just North of where Clark shot the first large Grizzly Bear. 

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